Myanmar: Military Implements Mandatory Service to Combat Insurgency

Myanmar’s ruling military has announced its plan to enforce mandatory service for young people starting from April, as it struggles to quell an anti-junta insurgency that has been raging since the military coup in 2021. The military’s decision to call up more individuals for the fight indicates the increasing pressure it is facing.

The junta spokesperson, Zaw Min Tun, confirmed that the conscription process would take place after the new year holiday in April. Approximately 5,000 individuals would be recruited in each intake, following rigorous medical checks. Additionally, the military would require retired security personnel who left within the past five years to return to service. The exact number and timing of these retiree call-ups were not specified, as it would only include those deemed “necessary.”

The compulsory military service law was introduced in 2010 but had not been enforced until now. Failure to comply with the draft could result in up to five years of imprisonment. However, the junta has not disclosed specific information about the military’s current strength. Analysts and diplomats in Southeast Asia have suggested that the military’s recruitment efforts have been hindered, leading to the deployment of non-combat personnel to the frontline.

The ongoing insurgency, led by an alliance of three ethnic-minority insurgent groups and pro-democracy fighters, has posed significant challenges to the Tatmadaw (the military). In recent months, it has suffered personnel losses in its battle against this coordinated offensive.

The plans to mobilize more civilians for mandatory service have spurred some individuals to consider fleeing the country, already embroiled in conflict. Media reports and social media posts have highlighted the concerns and fears of the population regarding this new development.

As Myanmar looks towards enforcing mandatory military service, many believe that this decision will have far-reaching consequences for the younger generation. The potential implications of conscription on the lives of young individuals remain a cause for worry among the population, exacerbating the already tense situation in the country.

Section FAQ :
1. Quand est-ce que le service militaire obligatoire sera mis en place au Myanmar ?
Le service militaire obligatoire sera mis en place après les vacances du nouvel an en avril.

2. Combien de personnes seront recrutées à chaque fois ?
Environ 5 000 personnes seront recrutées à chaque nouvelle campagne de recrutement.

3. Comment seront sélectionnées les personnes qui devront retourner au service après avoir quitté dans les cinq dernières années ?
Les détails sur le nombre précis et le moment où les anciens agents de sécurité seront rappelés ne sont pas spécifiés, mais cela n’inclura que ceux jugés “nécessaires”.

4. Quelles sont les conséquences de ne pas se conformer à la conscription ?
Le non-respect de la conscription pourrait entraîner jusqu’à cinq ans de prison.

5. Comment la situation en cours en Myanmar affecte-t-elle la mobilisation des civils ?
La mobilisation de plus de civils pour le service obligatoire a poussé certaines personnes à envisager de fuir le pays, déjà en proie à un conflit.

– Insurrection anti-junte : Référence à l’insurrection menée par une alliance de trois groupes insurgés de minorités ethniques et de combattants pro-démocratie contre la junte militaire au pouvoir.
– Tatmadaw : Terme utilisé pour désigner les forces armées du Myanmar.

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